What is Agnosticism?

Worldview is a complicated idea. There are many different world views. Actually, there are about 7 BILLION world views. Each person has their own unique of looking at the world. There are; however, some basic worldview categories that most people align with. I think there are 8 primary categories.


Get Your Free Worldview Profile!

Only 19% of born again christians have a biblical worldview! A startling statistic, but an equally true statistic. Do you have a biblical worldview? I’ve created a FREE tool that will help you discern what your unique worldview profile is. If we ask 100 Christians if they have a biblical worldview I bet 99% would say […]

Get Your Free Worldview Profile

Ridding Ourselves of Self-loathing

There are times we wish that we could rid ourselves of certain inadequacies. We are unhappy with how we look. We are unhappy with the circumstances we are in. We are unhappy with the talents that we have. We could go on and on about the ways we each feel unhappy about who we are. It is […]


What I’m Reading – 1

Welcome to the first edition of What I’m Reading. Every Saturday I will be posting a list of articles, books, or blogs that I find interesting, thought provoking, or insightful. I would love to have my readers submit content as well. If you find something that you have read, seen, or heard that you would like to […]


Do You Have a Biblical Worldview?

Do you have a Biblical Worldview? When I was in college I was shocked at how many of my peers didn’t think that scripture was the foundation for truth. I thought I had a biblical worldview. I would try to view the world through the lens of scripture. But it was amazing to me how many people would […]

A Christian Worldview

Think Deeply. Live Biblically.

I haven’t been blogging recently. There are a lot of reasons why. First, Windy and I had a baby! Babies take A LOT of time. Second, our business (Artios Academies and Artios Outpost) have also been growing like crazy. However, the biggest reason I took a break was because: I was lacking focus for the blog. So I stopped. […]


Blog Restart Coming Soon!

headshot2I’ve taken a break from blogging for the past year or so. BUT, I plan to be back to blogging starting Tuesday, September, 9th! If you want updates via email you can sign up to the right!

The Greatest Thought

“I would rather be what God Chose to make me than the most glorious creature that I could think of; for to have been thought about, born in God’s thought, and then made by God, is the dearest, grandest, and most precious thing in all thinking.”