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What I’m reading. This is where I post a list of books, articles, or blog posts that I’ve read throughout the week and found incredibly thought provoking, insightful, or just funny. Too Scared to Cry: Social Media Outrage and the Gospel A fascinating article. “The outrage culture of today, whether broadcast across the airwaves or clicked…

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What I learned From Sentence Diagramming

hate grammar. There is no way around it. I despise it! I am not good at it. I don’t have a big desire to work harder at it. I hate it. I hate it so much that I don’t bother to proof read my posts, but rather, send them off my wife or to an editor to proofread. That being said, I learned something amazing from sentence diagramming.

While in between teaching classes at Artios Academies one day, I stumbled across one of our amazing teachers tutoring a 9 year old child in sentence diagramming.

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Educating Morality: A Matter of the Heart

Absolute morality exists and is knowable. This is the first thing we must acknowledge when attempting to educate morality. The second thing we must understand is that God and His Word is the standard for this absolute morality. This is one aspect of educating that though often considered, the approach is too often ineffective.

C.S. Lewis writes in The Abolition of Man:

“Education without values only serves to make man a more clever devil”

This is absolutely true. Man is born fallen and with the natural inclination to sin. Any ability taught to man through education, apart from the biblical way to use that ability, only gives man another way to sin. When we educate our children and students, we must do so in a way that not only teaches them how to do something, but also the biblical reasoning and biblical way to do it.

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Educating Creativity

The very first thing that we learn about God is that he is a Creator. “In the beginning God CREATED…”. He formed the world in all its diversity, colors, simplicity, and grandeur. And then He declared it all to be good. This profound attribute of creativity is something that we, as image bearers, possess. We see this attribute displayed in the art we create, the concepts and ideas that we envision, the businesses we form, and so many other ways. However; in our educational settings we often squash a child’s creativity.

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