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john-lane-headshotMy name is John Lane. I am a worldview teacher, author, and blogger. I help the next generation think deeply and live biblically so they can lead deeper, more fulfilling lives and have a greater impact for Christ.

While attending a Christian college, I was shocked at how some of my friends, many of whom grew up in Christian homes, would fall away from the faith after their first couple semesters at college. I don’t think its because their heart wasn’t there, but because they didn’t have a firm foundation.

After my college experience I became what I said I would never become, a teacher. I developed a passion to teach middle and high school students a biblical worldview before they got to college. My hope is that if I can help the next generation to think deeply and live biblically, they will lead deeper, more fulfilling lives, and have a greater impact for Christ. 

 My goal with this blog is to create insightful, relevant tools and content that you can use to help you think deeply and to understand and discern a biblical worldview.

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I’m married to the beautiful Windy Lane and I am the father of a beautiful baby girl, Riley May Lane.

John and Windy



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