Desiring God and Apple Pie

Almost daily I visit the Desiring God website. It is a great source of encouragement and edification for me. This morning I stumbled upon this video. It is a video of Noel and Talitha Piper, John Piper’s wife and daughter. John Piper rediscovered an incredible theology called “Christian Hedonism”. It is essentially the idea that […]

3 Things I learned from St. Augistine

St. Augustine. The Prodigal Saint. St. Augustine was a man who lived way back in the day (354-430AD). He was a hedonist who said before he became a Christian, “God, Grant me chastity and continence…but not yet”. However, at one point under a fig tree, God saved him. With a zeal for Christ and the […]


How Should we Study Theology?

I am currently reading a book, Systematic Theology, by Wayne Grudem. I have just finished the first chapter, during which, I came across a section entitled, “How should We Study Systematic Theology?”. This was a great section for me to read. I have often been a proponent of the importance of studying theology; however, I […]