What is Agnosticism?

Worldview is a complicated idea. There are many different world views. Actually, there are about 7 BILLION world views. Each person has their own unique of looking at the world. There are; however, some basic worldview categories that most people align with. I think there are 8 primary categories.


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Only 19% of born again christians have a biblical worldview! A startling statistic, but an equally true statistic. Do you have a biblical worldview? I’ve created a FREE tool that will help you discern what your unique worldview profile is. If we ask 100 Christians if they have a biblical worldview I bet 99% would say […]

Get Your Free Worldview Profile

Do You Have a Biblical Worldview?

Do you have a Biblical Worldview? When I was in college I was shocked at how many of my peers didn’t think that scripture was the foundation for truth. I thought I had a biblical worldview. I would try to view the world through the lens of scripture. But it was amazing to me how many people would […]

A Christian Worldview

John Lane

My name is John Lane. I’m a student, teacher, disciple of Christ, and husband to the lovely Windy Lane. (yep, thats her real name!) My wife and I live in Atlanta, GA where we both work and teach at Artios Academies. We love our work and love our students. In my classes, I often teach about living with purpose and […]


A Religious Skeptic

There is a rising trend of Modern Skepticism in today’s culture. It’s not an atheistic skepticism, post-modern skepticism, or even an apathetic skepticism; rather, it’s a form of philosophical skepticism. It’s a skepticism that believes in the existence of truth, and even pursues after truth. However, this new skepticism, while it searches for truth, claims […]


Pride must be the most pervasive of sins. It can creep into the hearts of even the most religious and faithful of men. But how can we cope with it? How, as christians, are we to overcome this sin? The most obvious, short, and simple answer is Christ. Through Christ we can be set free […]

Guest Posting at Seven Sentences

Today I’m guest posting over at Seven Sentences about the subject of Inspiration! Head over there and let me know your thoughts! If you’re new to my blog, take a look through my blog! Its fairly new so I’d love to hear your thoughts! You can also subscribe to my newsletter below! Biblical Worldview Series […]

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After two incredibly fast weeks of Artios Outpost summer camps, I’m back to blogging. I must say that I have missed blogging these past couple weeks, however, camps and the blog were not going to happen at the same time. That being said, now that camps are over, I have quite a bit of content […]

Guest Post!

So today I wrote my first guest post for Adam Smith over at Jackalope kid. Go check him out here! In the mean time, view my previous postings and signup below to win a free book below! I’m giving away a free book! Those of you who know me or read this blog regularly know […]


So, I’ve seen this video float around on facebook for the past couple days and I just now got a chance to watch it. Its an amazing video regarding the current state of Education. Its about 11 minutes long, but its worth watching every minute of it. Take a look at it and let me […]