Get Your Free Worldview Profile!

Only 19% of born again christians have a biblical worldview! A startling statistic, but an equally true statistic. Do you have a biblical worldview? I’ve created a FREE tool that will help you discern what your unique worldview profile is.

Get Your Free Worldview Profile

If we ask 100 Christians if they have a biblical worldview I bet 99% would say “yes!” but only 19% actually do!

There is a disconnect between what we believe and what the bible says.

Worldview is a complicated idea. There are many different world views. Actually, there are about 7 BILLION world views. Each person has their own unique of looking at the world.

There are; however, some worldview categories. I have identified eight worldview categories that I believe most people would fall into.

  • Agnostic
  • Atheist
  • Mono-theist (non-Christian)
  • Deist
  • Mystic/Spiritualist
  • Pantheist
  • Post-modernist
  • Biblical Worldview

The question now is, “Which worldview do I align with? Do I align with the worldview that I think I align with?”

I have created a quiz that will help you to see what our worldview category is. This tool will ask you a series of 15 questions in five categories.

  • Predicament
  • Origin
  • Values/Morals
  • God
  • Truth

By answering questions about these five areas, you can discern which worldview category you would fall into.

So, What’s your worldview?

John Lane is a worldview teacher and curriculum writer at Artios Academies. He has a passion for teaching the next generation to think deeply and live biblically. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Windy, and his daughter, Riley.