Social Gospel

Probably one of the largest evangelical movements right now is the resurgence of the Social Gospel. It’s a huge movement gaining momentum and promoted by the likes of Rob Bell, Brian McLaren, and other emergent thinkers. The basic idea behind Social Gospel is that God cannot return until the world has been rid of evils. It’s an idea that puts humanity at the center of ushering in the Kingdom of God.

Spiritual Leaders vs. Natural Leaders

#Leadership. When writing this blog post, I searched for #Leadership in twitter and got the following results: “Leadership is not about income. Its about impact.” “If you don’t sculpt who you want to be, you will be at the mercy of the carvings of others.” “Be friendly with your former peers. Do not focus on […]

Servant: The Master Principle

The Artios Outpost blog series. The chapter I read today was chapter 3, The Master’s Master Principle. In this chapter Sanders tells us that the word leader is rarely found in scripture. In fact, when God calls “leaders” he refers to them as servants. When God called Moses he said, “Moses my servant”. When we […]

What About Truth and Freedom?

What is truth? Free from what?” “How can one know what Truth is?”, and probably the most important and amazing question, “What is freedom?”. These are age old questions that philosophers, theologians, kings, and lay people have asked since the beginning of time, and the answers to these questions have been distorted since the Garden of Eden. So, how does one go about answering these questions? Let me answer the first three questions really quickly, and then will focus on the last one for a while.

Almost Saved

I stumbled upon this video while doing research on a new project I’m working on. Its a video by poet Ezekiel Azonwu called Almost Saved. I Love spoken word poetry and this is a great example. To me this poem has so much doctrine in it and the style of this poem drives the point […]

Why the Resurrection Matters!

With today being Easter, I feel its appropriate to focus on the Resurrection. Many in the church today, just as in Corrinth, do not hold steadfast to the truth that is the resurrection. They ask, “Why is the Resurrection necessary for the Gospel, what’s important is that a perfect sacrifice was given.” The reason the […]

Spurgeon and a brief poem on Christ’s sacrifice

I stumbled upon this quote by Charles Spurgeon yesterday and I was blown away by it. Spurgeon has a way of communicating biblical truth in brief poetic stanzas that can immediately pierce the heart of a sinful and complacent man. “At one tremendous draught of love He drank damnation dry,” The poetry in these ten […]