Think Deeply. Live Biblically.

I haven’t been blogging recently. There are a lot of reasons why. First, Windy and I had a baby! Babies take A LOT of time. Second, our business (Artios Academies and Artios Outpost) have also been growing like crazy. However, the biggest reason I took a break was because:


I was lacking focus for the blog. So I stopped.

I always knew that I would return to blogging, but I wanted to have focus. But what was I to focus on? After much thought, I decided to focus on my passion. I have a burning passion to teach the next generation to think deeply and live biblically. I have been teaching a worldview class for the past seven years through Artios Academies. It is by far my favorite class and I always look forward to it.  I love to hear my students thoughts. I love to get to know how they think. Most importantly, I LOVE being able to point them to the Bible.

I have a passion to teach the next generation to think deeply and live biblically. 

So that’s what this blog is going to be about. I am going to write about thinking deeper, about how to discern and understand the various philosophies in today’s world. But most importantly, I going to write about how to look to the Bible for our worldview. So, how will this work?


I will be posting three times a week. Right now I think I will be posting on TuesdayThursday, and Saturday, but that might change. There will be two types of posts.

  • Contemporary Matters | This will be the primary post. I will look at pop culture, christian culture, philosophy, and politics/economics from a biblical worldview.
  • What I’m Reading | This will be a secondary post. I will post what I’ve been reading in the blog world, news, and books that I think might be helpful.

BLOG MISSION STATEMENT: To teach the next generation to think deeply and live biblically. 

BLOG GOAL: My goal is to write insightful and relevant content that will help the next generation to think deeply, live biblically, and see the world through the lens of Scripture.


  • Scripture (66 books of the bible) is the inspired, infallible, and sufficient word of God.
  • All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.
  • Christ alone is where hope and salvation is found.

Obviously I have many more beliefs about many different doctrines; however, these are the basics from which I will be writing this blog.

I hope that you will join me as I begin this new blog. If you find this content helpful, please feel free to share/repost so that it might help others as well. I would also like to invite your feedback as I begin writing and I would love it if you left your thoughts in the comment sections below each post.



John Lane is a worldview teacher and curriculum writer at Artios Academies. He has a passion for teaching the next generation to think deeply and live biblically. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Windy, and his daughter, Riley.